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Business Search

• Corporate / LLC / DBA Entity verification
• Commercial Asset search
• Alter ego investigation
• Principal affiliations
• Address confirmations for service of process


Civil and criminal records search. Confirm a person’s identity, home address, first degree relatives. Find civil and criminal records. Search with records confirmation; confirmation of business licenses, corporate records, and professional licenses and to uncover any potential follow up information.


Surveillance is the art of monitoring a subject’s activities through observation. The covert observations of the behaviors of people provide the truth. Typical surveillance encompasses people, places, and vehicles.

Surveillance is conducted in a covert manner in which the subject is unaware they are being observed. The activities are documented with detailed reports, video, and pictures. Our agency has extensive experience performing surveillance cases under various situations, settings and difficulty.

Physical Surveillance is conducted by investigators who are maintaining constant watch of a subject by vehicle or foot.

Electronic Surveillance is conducted by using high tech electronic camera equipment to document the activities performed during a set time frame.

Covert Surveillance is conducted when a subject or subject moves into a private but public location and hidden camera systems are employed to continue documenting the activities.

Practical Uses for Surveillance

  • Worker’s Compensation Lawsuits
  • Infidelity / Matrimonial Investigation
  • Elderly Care Surveillance
  • Child Custody Cases
  • Tracking a Teen


Financial and Insurance Fraud is the crime of deliberately deceiving or tricking someone in order to damage another, usually to obtain property or services unjustly. It is a serious and costly problem for its victims. Mora Investigations investigates claims to determine if in fact an employee has faked or exaggerated an injury; has unreported income or employment at a second job; multiple claims under multiple identities. We determine the claimant’s current activities, any full or part-time employment held since the date of loss, dependents, household income, health status, civil or criminal litigations, and recreational or strenuous activities in or around the home. Surveillance is conducted to ascertain social, employment and recreational activities. Our Insurance Investigations are comprised of qualified experts with extensive experience concerning fraud and investigating these types of cases with tangible results. Our investigators have the ability to solve complex fraud investigations and meet critical objectives. The client will be provided with a full, detailed report with video or photographs relative to the findings of our investigation. Mora Investigations has trained specialist in the detection and prevention of fraud. Our professionals are skilled in various investigative and surveillance procedures used to gather evidence.   Types of insurance cases handled include: Work History Investigations: Are the claimants alleging they cannot work? Our investigators will disclose any current employment or work history that the claimant or plaintiff may be trying to hide. Surveillance saves both money & time for the employer and the carrier.

Recorded Statements: If your case does not require a face to face meeting, consider an in-house recorded statement. Our detectives obtain detailed recorded statements and provide you with an audio or video copy. Our investigation firm also follows up with all relevant supporting documentation from the claimant or witness.

Sports History Investigations: Whether your injured claimant is playing golf, bowling, or simply going to the gym – our investigators will provide you with the evidence you need to close the claim.


Many employers in the United States require a background check of prospective employees. If an applicant wishes to obtain a position in a company. Background checks can provide a variety of information. Most background checks will include some relatively standard pieces of information. The results from a background check can include financial, identity and personal information. Different employers will require different types of checks and clearances for an individual. There is no statute of limitations on this information; A background check is basically a way in which an individual or organization can ensure that you are fit for a job or responsibility. It provides information not only about who you are, but what choices you’ve made over your lifetime. The background check process may compile information that chronicles your life. It is a useful tool for many companies and employers because it gives them a basic idea of whether or not you are fit for the position for which you are being considered. A background check must not be viewed as a comprehensive, point-by-point compilation of everything, important and inconsequential, that you’ve ever done. Most employers will not attempt to access information of a trivial nature, like your grades from primary school or your history of pet ownership. This information does not necessarily help an employer to decide whether you are fit for a position. But the information could give a prospective employer a look into your life that could not be determined based on just an application and interview.


With a permissible purpose Mora Investigations can search for all bank accounts on a statewide basis. This includes checking, savings, joint and multiple bank accounts and all statewide accounts. Before starting Mora Investigations needs a positive ID, such as the person’s full name, current or past address, birthdate or approx. age and SSN. . Turnaround time is 7 to 10-working days.

Most post judgment costs are allowed by the courts based on our invoice.  Mora Investigations can also search for real estate properties, any business entity, including Place of Employment, individual backgrounds, etc.


Locates or Skip Tracing is a term that refers to the process of finding a person whose whereabouts are unknown, e.g. family members looking for a long-lost relative, friends looking for persons with whom they lost touch many years ago, attorneys looking for missing heirs in probate cases, creditors looking for those who owe them money, an insurance company looking for a missing witness to an insurance loss, a parent looking for their child who has run away, etc . Mora Investigations researches on behalf of the aforesaid.


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